Start where you are with what you have

“Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.”

Don’t let social media fool you, most overnight successes take at least 10 years to build. Great success starts with small beginnings. Social media will have you thinking that there’s a quick and easy route to achieving your dream. And understandably so because social media mostly shows you people’s highlight reels and not their losses.

If you had a moment to sit down and talk to the people you admire, you’d find out that their journey has been anything but easy and glamourous. Most importantly, you’d find out that they started small, they started with what they had, they started with resources that we think could never yield those kinds of results. And if you pay close attention you’ll realise that against the odds, the self-doubt, the fear, and the naysayers, they started.

What lies on the other side could change your life. Just start.

Many of us have dreams that we’ve put on hold, waiting until the conditions are right for us to start. Before you know it, you look up and the years have passed and you’re still waiting. Then we kick ourselves when we think about how far we’d be if we’d started sooner. But its never too late to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing.

If you want to change careers, then start upskilling yourself so you can eventually feel brave enough to change careers. If you want to get back into shape start with restocking your home with healthy food and slowly being more active. That business idea that you have, test it with your friends and family first. You’ll eventually feel confident enough to venture out on a larger scale. Start that blog, start that YouTube channel, sign-up for those music lessons, write the first draft of that book.

When we don’t start we do ourselves a disservice because we box ourselves into roles that we’ve outgrown. We’re not meant to just do one thing for the rest of our lives. That’s a sure-fire way to reach your grave prematurely. It’ll kill your soul. Maybe it’ll work out, and maybe it won’t but you owe it to yourself to give that idea a try. What lies on the other side of that could change your life. Just start.


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