Everything’s gonna be alright

Your head is filled with big ideas and dreams. You set goals for yourself with every intention of smashing them. You tell yourself that today is going to be different, that you will conquer. Today comes, and it goes. I’ll try again tomorrow you tell yourself. But you never do and before you know the year has gone and you’re no closer to being the person that you know you can be.

Am I scared? Absolutely!

The truth is, the only person standing in your way is you. And this is why I have decided to start this blog. The time is now to get the ball rolling. Waiting for the perfect moment has led me to delay far too many dreams I have had of for myself. Am I ready? Are we ever really ready? No. Am I scared? Absolutely!

There is no certainty to life but you can put your mind at ease knowing that whatever is waiting for you on the other side of taking that first step, you will be okay. As the classic Sweetbox song goes, Everything’s gonna be alright. Yes it will.

So in a world that teaches us to be everything but ourselves, let’s learn to embrace our freckles and frowns 😉

Yours truly,


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